The driving test can seem a daunting prospect, and also an exciting one.

Once you have learned how to drive – this being the techniques and how to handle a car, then surely passing the driving test should be easy, right? The key to passing the driving test can be broken down into three parts:

Driving Skills and Car Handling

This is the ability to drive the car, to know how to start, stop, turn, park etc. The driving instructor wants to be sure that you know how to do these things, and that is why they will make you do these things in the driving test.

Knowledge of Road Rules and Observing Street Signs

The road rules you will have learned when preparing for the Learner Driving Test. What the examiner will be looking for is your ability to not only know the rules, but to be able to interpret them and put them into practice confidently in your driving. Additionally, the examiner will be watching to make sure that you are able to observe, interpret and follow the street signs – such as speed zones, pedestrian crossings, stop and give way signs at intersections.

Driving Manner – Be Calm and Confident

You driving examiner is looking a calm and confident driver. Remember, the examiner is deciding whether you give you the green light to drive by yourself on the roads. Do you think they are going to do that for someone that they are not sure will be able to handle the challenges on the road, or even worse, someone who is brash and overconfident, and in their eyes a potential menace?

Calm and confident is what they are looking for. Don’t try and show off for them, just calmly follow their directions, remember the road rules, remember when your instructor told you, and you will be fine!

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